Video Marketing – The Secret to Success in Real Estate Industry!

In today’s sternly competitive digital phenomenon, there is no dearth of ways to market real estate. Nonetheless, like any other marketing strategy, getting in front of the right audience and catching their interests is turning more and more difficult. As property owners realize the sheer mounting battle needed to be climbed up, they look for proven marketing tools that can help them in this highly convoluted field of digital marketing. The crux of the matter is unless you are an agent, owner or investor with a big online presence, getting in front of the right audience will be a hard nut to crack.

In short, in this fiercely competitive industry that hits close to home, it is vitally important to market your real estate business and find ways to surpass your rivals. So, what is the hitting real estate marketing tool that allows you to sell a home faster? It is real estate video marketing.

Why video marketing is essential in the real estate industry?

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth an entire book.”

A well-crafted video can act as a living billboard for home sellers and real estate agents alike. If you have not hopped on this ultimate marketing tool, it is high time to get a move on and take the leap. This ultimate video marketing tool is increasingly catching the interests of online marketers and for good reasons. Real estate agencies that utilize video marketing strategies receive more inquiries and sales than those without a promotional video.

YouTube Video Marketing

What goes into a good marketing video?

Don’t fret if you don’t have a good budget for producing something glamorous. You don’t need a pricey production crew to create a visually compelling video for your real estate business. Just by having a promotional video creator, your company can stand out from the crowd. A professional video creator helps you not only produce quality videos at a low cost but also take your business to the next level. Yet, if you are new to video creation, you may feel a little anxious while moving ahead with video marketing tactics. Not to worry! I’m here to help you! There is nothing to be bothered about!

Keep these rules in mind when working with a real estate video creator.

  • Be a storyteller –

A good story attains everyone’s interests, especially if it relates to their lives. Hence, drafting a hard sell in a video will not work. Skip the sales pitch. Craft a story that may help your prospective buyer perceive the house as a home. To do that, you need to first figure out what feelings you want to evoke in your target audience. Is your buyer interested in a fixer-upper? Are you selling homes for first-time buyers? Is your buyer looking to upgrade his/her lifestyle with a luxurious home? Knowing your target customers will help you brainstorm the engaging visuals to evoke the expected reaction.

  • Focus on the features –

Buying a home is not a temporary purchase for most buyers. Mostly, it is their dream home. Hence, making it feel like a home should be your focus. Highlight the things that may delight your potential buyer. Craft a video to showcase how your property can be a place where they may make memories. A buyer should be able to dream of spending a holiday with the family, welcoming a new child or having a romantic date or movie night with their spouse within those walls. The video should leave a lasting impression and create positive feelings.

Another idea is to show what makes the house unique. What are the key features of your home that make it stand apart from the other houses? What are the key things that your target audience cares about the most? Emphasize key features that align with your prospective customer’s lifestyle.

  • Quality is the key –

The most important step towards creating a successful video is ensuring you have quality videos. The real estate industry is all about aesthetics. Hence, your videos must look polished and perfect. If a property is not visually captivating, you will have less chance to get the good value of it.

As a real estate marketing video serves as an online medium to replace an in-person tour, you should show off the space in its best quality. Spend some time getting the right angles, lighting, sound and production quality you can. Production quality means everything is in while shooting, editing and reshooting a video. Don’t hesitate to ask the video creator for editing or reshoot if needed. Your ultimate goal should be to have visually pleasing videos that can help you please a potential buyer and sell a home more efficiently.

  • Hook the prospective buyer –

In this fast-paced age, people have shorter attention spans. They are not likely to go through a video lasting for more than 5 minutes. Therefore, it is vital to hook the viewer in the first few seconds. Keep the video short and sweet. Ideally, keep it 2 minutes in length at most and also be creative to persuade your buyers not to click away.

If someone clicks on a video, chances are they are interested in buying a property you want to sell. In short, your target audience is online. They will surf the internet, hit up Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other online channels to search for homes. Thus, the bottom line is you should have media that may earn their interests and trust. An engaging video will pull people to your business and convince them to stick around.

  • End up with the CTA –

The ultimate goal of your real estate video production is to persuade a prospective buyer to take the next step towards buying the house. Chalk out the complete plan and end your video with a call to action. It could be as simple as inviting them to an open house, subscribing to your channel for other listings or signing up for a newsletter.

A video tour with no follow-up details will throw water into all your business marketing efforts. Remember to include your contact info and some basic pricing information that may turn your buyer’s interests into action.

  • Devise a distribution strategy –

How will your potential buyers find your videos? Posting it on social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook is the key, but it is only the first step. You need to post it at the right time to maximize its effectiveness.

Schedule videos like a tweet or a blog post. Make a series of videos that may trigger your audience to keep returning to your website and social media platforms. Use sound SEO strategies for each video you produce and post. Optimize your video by tagging the right keywords. Using the right keywords will make your video rank higher on search engine result pages. You may also contemplate your email list to increase the share factor of your video.

Bottom Line –

Videos are an engaging way to give customers a quick tour of your property. They are experiencing a surge in the crowd of various real estate marketing tools. Hence, video production should be a core element of your secret to success in the real estate business. If you dream to build up your brand, video marketing gives a great path to reach that destination.

So, what still holds you back? Go forth and film!