What Is Protein Coffee? Is It A Healthy Choice?

Looking to improve your daily protein intake?
Wish to achieve your workout goal faster?
Want some whey protein in your cup of coffee?

Try “proffee” (Protein Coffee).
Protein coffee has been one of the latest wellness trends in the UK and USA, and now it is spreading its wings in India also.
While adding protein to coffee may seem an odd combination, enthusiasts claim that proffee offers several health benefits. This article explores the science of why the idea of adding protein to coffee is gaining hype in the US, UK, Canada, India and across the globe.

It is no secret that protein powder is a common thing to suit all your workout objectives. Whether your workout aims to build muscle or lose weight, protein powders and shakes will help you take it to the next level. Protein powder aids you in maintaining the bulk and growing more muscles. Post-workout protein shakes help with muscle recovery. Furthermore, protein powder is also an effective way to meet the daily protein requirements as nowadays people can’t get it from their daily diet.

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On the other hand, coffee has created a mark in the workout arena. For gym-goers, coffee is a must-have drink. It helps you take your workout objective to the next level by alleviating your muscle pain and revving up your metabolism.
Evidently, adding protein to coffee is a good idea as it brings together the best of the two health drinks.

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Is Drinking Protein Coffee A Healthy Choice?

Drinking proffee is certainly a healthy choice as it promotes weight loss and improves your overall health. But remember, protein coffee should not be the replacement for your breakfast. You can enjoy your black coffee along with a balanced breakfast. A complete and balanced breakfast enriched with protein, vitamins, iron, minerals etc. is always the best option to kick start your day.

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What Are The Health Benefits of Drinking Proffee?

You might be well aware that protein is good for hair care, skin care and self care. But do you know it plays a vital role in muscle growth and maintenance too? Despite this fact, people often have a misconception that taking protein powder can cause health issues, but studies negate it. Realistically, getting enough protein is good for human health, and there is good evidence that people need more protein than they are currently consuming. This fact alone is enough to prove that you can, and you should add protein to your coffee. However, there are some other health benefits too of taking this power-packed drink.

  • Improve Overall Health:

Protein powder and coffee together can promote overall health benefits. Some of the main advantages of protein powders include preventing the loss of muscle mass, promoting good bone health, building muscle and lowering blood pressure. At the same time, adding protein to coffee means you will get all these health advantages along with the benefits that coffee has to offer.
I know, I know – coffee is often considered an unhealthy habit but again it is simply not so. Of course, excess of it can make you feel anxious, edgy and unable to catch good ZZZs. But a mug of proffee wouldn’t be an issue. Research has already shown a wide range of health benefits of drinking coffee such as the ability to fight inflammation and as a source of antioxidants.

  • Help Lose Weight:

Obesity or being overweight has been a common problem of today’s time. Consequently, people are always keen about how to lose weight fast and try different techniques to lose inches. So, for such people who are committed to self care and actively looking for a weight loss solution, proffee can be a good remedy.
Coffee and protein together play a crucial role in weight loss too. Since protein is filling, it will help to lower cravings for food, at the same time as offering some metabolic improvements. For coffee, it is no secret that it helps suppress the appetite. It is most likely the reason that people love drinking coffee. With both protein and coffee helping in similar ways, it is clear that combining both together will benefit anyone who wants to lose weight.

  • Help You Get Your Daily Protein Needs:

One of the most common benefits of proffee is that it helps people meet their daily protein needs, particularly for those who regularly skip their breakfast.
With that said, if you can’t take a protein-rich breakfast with a hot cup of coffee, you can switch over to proffee. It is more likely to provide the same benefits. However, a complete breakfast is still a better strategy, as in addition to protein, it will also fulfil your daily needs for iron, minerals, vitamins, and other essential nutrients.

  • Flavour & Sweetener Enhancer:

Not to mention, adding protein powder to a cup of coffee will significantly improve the flavour of your coffee. You can take protein powder as a replacement for sweetener and/or creamer. At the same time, many protein powders are flavoured also, which help to improve the taste of your daily boring coffee.

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How To Make Protein Coffee?

The protein coffee recipe is pretty simple. Just combine both the ingredients and mix them well — BOOM! Your proffee is ready!
To avoid getting clumps of protein powder, try adding it in a little amount and stir continuously until mixed well. If you don’t like hot beverages, simply add them to chilled coffee as many enthusiasts love taking this power-packed rink with some ice cubes, too. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can add a dash of cinnamon or another spice.

The Bottom Line:

For many of us, drinking a cup of hot coffee is the daily morning ritual, but taking protein powder will not be. If it is true, adding protein powder to your daily coffee will certainly increase your potential to build muscle and lose weight. For all these benefits, adding protein powder in coffee should be a general practice of all of us if we truly wish to give a healthy start to our morning.