Top 3 Minimalist Makeup Products To Glam Up Your Look In Minutes!

When someone asks me, “what is my makeup routine, do I use minimalist makeup products or prefer layers of cosmetics?”, I get baffled. After all, I can’t really tell them I’m a kind of lazy girl. I avoid spending hours before the mirror and spend most of my free time scrolling through random Reels.

I really don’t know why I do so, but I love watching those short Instagram clips. From how-to videos of cooking food to the cute narration of kittens jumping through the stairs, it’s surprising how much time I waste gathering such inoperable info. But sometimes, when I stumble on skin care, hair care, makeup, and glam routine reels, I realize these videos are worth watching.

Many makeup artists apply layers of makeup products to their clients’ faces, and their skin looks like a red velvet cake. While I love watching such makeup tutorials and GlamUp Gallery has blogged on how to apply makeup like a makeup artist, such makeup routines horrify my inner lazy girl. Let me save such tutorials for the special moments and streamline my daily makeup routine with 2-3 makeup products.

Sounds relatable? Do you love minimalist beauty? This beauty blog is for you, girls!

Luckily, today in the age of low effort beauty, there are many best multi tasking beauty products that help you get ready in minutes. So, let’s unveil the list of those top minimalist makeup products that slash your glam routine in half or less.

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1. BB Cream is the Most Popular Minimalist Makeup Product

If you are looking for a minimalist makeup product to streamline your makeup and skin care routine, BB Cream is the ultimate beauty choice. From cutting down the number of beauty products to glam up your look, BB cream is your best bet.

The magical formula of this beauty balm contains both makeup and skin care properties. Use them as a color corrector, primer, foundation, SPF protection (sunscreen), and moisturizers for a healthy glow. You can smooth out almost any skin imperfection with this holy grail product, provided that you pick the right shade for you. With this single beauty product, you can prepare a flawless canvas for your lip and eye makeup.

If you are unsure, What is a BB cream? What are the benefits of BB cream? What is the difference between BB cream and CC cream? Check out our ultimate guide on BB cream and CC Cream to clear all your doubts.

2. Add Makeup Tint or Multistick to the List of Best Minimalist Cosmetics

I know your self-confidence touches the heights when your blush has equal application on both cheeks, your highlighter is on point, your eyeshadow blends beautifully across the lids, your eyeliner creates equal wings on both sides, and your lips just pop naturally. But it asks for too many make products, beauty sponges, and makeup brushes. Well, no more kich-kich of getting lost with loads of beauty products.

Pick a makeup tint, multitasking makeup stick, or simply rely on Disguise Cosmetics Velvet Glow Multistick as your best multitasking makeup artist. Use it as a highlighter, eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush, and lip topper. It is one such miracle product in your beauty arsenal that does the job of five to glam up your look in minutes.

3. Nutrition Oil is Good to Create Minimalist Makeup Look

Keeping a nutrition oil handy is super essential for all men and women who prioritize their face, hair, and body equally. In today’s age of low-effort beauty, having all-in-one beauty oil from head to toe is truly bliss.

While a little research on Google will help you find several options for such multitasking oil, I would recommend giving a try to Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Miracle Dry Oil. It is an amazing blend of olive, avocado, and almond oil that proffers ultimate protection from head to toe.

For Hair: Use it as a shine enhancer for dry hair and as a leave-in conditioner for wet hair. What’s more? You can also spray it on your hair before jumping into the swimming pool to protect your hair from chlorine and saltwater.

For Face: For a dewy and fresh makeup look, apply a few drops of it all over your face before using BB cream or any other makeup products.

For Body: Don’t miss to massage your arms and legs with this miracle oil for softer, smoother, and healthier skin.

Conclusion on Minimalist Makeup Products:

If you are a person who wakes up at 9:20 AM for a 9:30 AM Zoom meeting or 10:00 AM office shift, make a permanent place for these top 3 minimalist makeup products or you can say best multi tasking beauty products in your beauty bag. Keep them handy forever, and in less than 10 minutes, you will get your glam look to inspire the world.

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Who can use BB cream?
BB cream is for all ages, sex, races, and skin types of people. While BB cream is a good choice for all skin types, they are pure bliss for oily skin.
What does a multistick or tint do in makeup?
A makeup multistick or tint is a multi-tasking, multi purpose and multi-functional makeup product to create a minimalist beauty look. Use them to add a dash of color to your lips, eyelids, and cheeks on the go.
Does our skin require special care and attention during summer?
The scorching sun can be harsh on your skin and hair on sunny days. Therefore, the skin and hair require special care and attention during summer to maintain their healthy glow. To know more check out our latest blogs on Summer Hair Care Routine and Summer Skin Care routine.
What is the meaning of minimal makeup or minimalist beauty?
Minimal makeup means eliminating the unnecessary and using only your skin truly needs to beautify features. Minimalist beauty doesn’t require a full face makeup, instead focuses on a skin care routine.
What are the best beauty products to use in 2022 for a full glam look?
You can check out this ultimate guide to find the best makeup products for beginners. Best Makeup Products.
What makeup products do I need for a natural glam look?
A natural makeup look requires only 2 to 3 products. It can be Kohl, foundation, or BB cream and lipstick. Choose these beauty products cautiously so that they may mimic your natural skin and don’t create noticeable fallout.