5 Best DIY Protein Treatments for Hair and Benefits

We all know well the importance of protein in building our health and muscles. Protein is the building block of our body. But do you know, it is not only our health that requires this essential nutrient, protein plays a vital role in our daily skin care and hair care routine too. Lack of protein can cause dry, dull and damaged hair, resulting in breakage, hair fall and split ends. Even if your regular shampoo, conditioner, and hair oil are enriched with the goodness of protein properties, they are not enough to fulfil the requirements. You need additional protein treatment for hair to maintain good hair health. This is where the protein hair mask comes into the frame.

“Just like muscles, hair needs protein to stay strong and healthy.”

Benefits of a Protein Treatment for Hair

Do you know protein is one of the most integral components in the buildup of our hair? Hence, protein treatment for hair is a must to restore protein loss and reverse any damage that your hair has encountered due to protein deficiency. Also, if you are going through any hair problems like hair loss, breakage, split ends and excessive dryness, a protein hair treatment will bring back your beautiful and healthy mane.

keratin treatment, protein treatment for hair
Importance of protein for hair

Let’s see how hair protein treatment can benefit your hair:

1. Makes hair manageable

Do you know most of your hair problems start from dry hair? And dry hair is caused due to a lack of protein and nourishment. This is where protein treatment for hair fits onto the frame. DIY hair packs made of nourishing ingredients provide extra moisture and hydration to your lacklustre hair, making it manageable and keeping dryness at bay.

2. Repairs damage

Damage? Breakage? Split ends? No worries! The main reason behind these common hair problems is the loss of protein; and a protein treatment for hair can help restore the lost protein, resulting in soft, smooth and healthy hair looks.

3. Enhances overall hair health

Protein treatment for hair certainly helps improve elasticity, density and hair growth. They prevent hair loss and promote hair growth, resulting in thicker, better, shinier and healthier hair.

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How to do protein treatment for hair?

You have two options to do protein treatment for hair. First, you can do it at home using natural ingredients or over-the-counter hair masks and second, you can get it done professionally at a salon near you.

There are two common types of protein treatment for hair available at the salon:

Keratin treatment

Cysteine Treatment

If you are going with a hair treatment at the salon, you have nothing to bother about as the professional at the salon will guide you throughout the process. But if you prefer to at-home protein hair treatments, you should know three basic things.

  1. What steps to follow to use a protein hair mask?
  2. What ingredients to choose for the hair mask?
  3. How to make a DIY hair mask?

Steps to using a DIY protein hair mask at home

1Shampoo your hairTo remove oil and dirt from your scalp.
2Apply a protein hair maskApply the hair mask to little damp hair, starting from the root to the tip.
3Distribute evenlyUse a wide-toothed comb to distribute the protein mask evenly.
4Tie a bunWrap the hair and cover it using a shower cap.
5Blow dry at the lowest settingBlow dry around your head to ensure even heat distribution.
6Leave it onLeave the hair mask on for a minimum of 30 minutes.
7Rinse it offRemove the covering and rinse off the protein hair mask using cold water.

What ingredients to choose for the hair mask?

Your kitchen is the powerhouse to find protein treatment for hair. You can find numerous ingredients in your kitchen or home garden to make protein hair mask at home. For example, egg, aloe vera, coconut milk, banana and yoghurt are just a few of the many ingredients you can easily find at your home. But before you choose the ingredients for the hair mask, make sure you are not allergic to them and it will suit your specific hair type.


Be it an OTC hair mask or homemade hair treatment, always consider your hair type and the ingredients you are allergic to before using protein treatment for hair.

How to make a DIY hair pack?

1. Egg yoghurt hair pack

Do I really need to say eggs are power packed with the goodness of proteins? Protein and egg walk together. We can’t separate one from another. And when an egg is combined with, yoghurt it becomes one of the best protein hair masks for dull and damaged hair, leaving your hair feeling soft and shiny. They also help prevent hair fall, promote hair growth and improve overall hair health.

egg yogurt face pack
Egg treatment for hair

How to make an egg hair pack?

  • Beat 1 egg in a bowl. Now add 2 tablespoons of yoghurt to it and mix them well.
  • Apply the paste to your hair.
  • Shampoo and condition your hair after 30 minutes.

How often can you use it? Use an egg hair pack twice a week.

Pro Tip:

If your hair is oily, use egg white. For dry hair, use egg yolk. You can use the whole egg if your hair type is a combination or normal.

2. Coconut milk hair pack

Vitamin B, C, E, Saturated fatty acids, and much more. Yes, you read it right! Coconut milk is packed with the goodness of all these nutrients essential for good hair health. This is the reason that coconut milk helps fill in damaged protein spots whilst conditioning your hair. what’s more? It also helps control dandruff and promote hair growth.

Coconut milk hair pack
Coconut protein treatment for hair at home

How to make a coconut milk hair pack?

  • Pour 3 tablespoons of coconut milk into a pan.
  • Heat the coconut milk for a minute around.
  • Apply it to your hair and massage your scalp with lukewarm coconut milk.
  • Wrap your hair and leave it overnight.
  • Shampoo your hair the next morning.

How often can you use it? Use this protein treatment for hair twice a week.

3. Banana-avocado hair pack

This protein hair pack is a crowd favourite, especially for people with dry hair. Banana is a good source of vitamins, potassium, carbohydrates and natural oils. With all these nutrients together, banana helps soften and strengthen your hair. Additionally, with high contains of essential amino acids and omega 3 fatty acids, avocados help hydrate your hair and improve the hair texture.

Banana avocado hair pack
Natural keratin treatment for hair

How to make a banana avocado hair pack?

  • Smash 1 ripe banana and 1 ripe avocado in a bowl.
  • Add 1 tablespoon of wheat germ oil and 1 teaspoon of rose oil to it.
  • Mix all the ingredients well to form a smooth paste.
  • Apply the paste to your hair.
  • Shampoo your hair after an hour.

How often can you use it? You can use this hair pack once a week and if your hair is extremely dry, you can use it twice a week.

4. Avocado-Coconut Oil Hair Pack

Who doesn’t know the amazing properties of coconut oil for skin and hair? Coconut oil is an amazing home remedy that helps reduce protein loss and repair hair from the inside out. When mixed with avocado, it becomes an excellent hair mask, making your hair healthy and strong.

Avocado-Coconut Oil Hair Pack
Best protein treatment for hair growth

How to make an avocado coconut oil hair pack?

  • Mash 1 ripe avocado in a bowl and add 1 tablespoon of coconut oil to it.
  • Mix them to form a smooth paste.
  • Apply the paste to cleansed hair and scalp.
  • Shampoo your hair after 45 minutes.

How often can you use it?Use this hair pack once a week.

Caution: Avoid using this hair pack if your hair is oily.

5. Honey-egg hair pack

Dry hair? No worries! If your hair lacks moisture and gets frizzy, this is one of the best hair packs for you. Honey seals in moisture and controls hair fall and dandruff, almond oil softens your mane while egg gives your hair the essential protein it lacks.

Honey-egg hair pack
DIY keratin treatment for hair

How to make a honey-egg hair pack?

  • Beat 1 egg yolk in a bowl.
  • Now add 1 tablespoon of honey and almond oil to it.
  • Mix them well and apply the mixture to your hair.
  • Shampoo your hair after 15-20 minutes.

How often can you use it?You can use this excellent hair pack for dry hair twice a week.

Honey hair mask with egg yolk and almond oil is an excellent way to add some natural highlights to your lacklustre hair. Avoid using this hair pack for more than 20 minutes as if left too long, the bleaching properties of honey can result in lightening your hair colour.

These DIY hair packs are a great source of protein and other essential nutrients your hair needs to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth. Give these natural hair packs a try and your hair will thank you!

Protein Treatment for Hair Price

Different ways to get protein hair treatmentPriceLongevity
Protein hair treatment at the salonINR 4000- 60006 months to 1 year
OTC protein treatment for hairINR 400-6004 to 8 weeks
DIY protein hair packs at homeINR 40-601 to 2 weeks

Caution and consideration:

Protein treatment for hair is safe for all types of hair. While there is no harm in using DIY protein hair packs at home, excessive use of hair protein treatments can severely damage your hair, leading to more breakage and hair loss.

People with natural hair and mild damage can get protein hair treatment once in 4-6 weeks. We suggest getting protein hair treatment once in 2-3 weeks for people with curly hair.


Protein plays a vital role in hair buildup. When hair lacks protein, you experience common hair problems like dry, damaged, and frizzy hair, hair loss, tangled hair, and whatnot. To restore protein loss in hair, you can get professional hair treatments for protein like keratin treatment, or try DIY protein hair packs at home.

Now, no more stress of hair fall, split ends, and other hair concerns. Level up your hair care game with protein treatment for hair.

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Who should get hair protein treatments?
Protein treatment for hair is an absolute must for people with extremely dry, damaged, frizzy, chemically harmed, heat damaged and colour-treated hair. People with strong and healthy hair are less benefited from protein hair treatments.
How can I tell if my hair needs protein?
To check if your hair needs protein treatment, pull your hair gently. If it stretches before bouncing back to being normal, your hair is in good condition, and you can avoid getting the protein treatment. But if your hair stretches and then breaks, your hair lacks protein and calls for a protein treatment.
Which is better keratin or protein treatment?
Keratin treatment helps straighten and smooth hair while protein treatment restores vitality, rejuvenates lackluster hair, smoothens frizzy hair, and improves overall hair health.
Is protein treatment good for hair?
Protein treatment is good for hair when used as directed and in moderation. Using protein treatment for hair too often can weigh down your hair, resulting in more breakage and damage.
Does keratin treatment give protein to the hair?
Keratin hair treatments, also known as Brazilian blowouts, are chemical protein treatments that help reduce frizz, making hair softer, shinier and silkier.
What type of hair needs protein treatment?
Dry and damaged hair
Chemically treated hair
Sun-damaged hair
Unruly and frizzy hair
Heat-damaged hair
Porous and prone to breakage
Is keratin treatment and protein treatment the same?
Protein treatment for hair vs keratin: In general, keratin treatment and protein treatment are the same. Protein treatment is a type of keratin treatment for hair, and the keratin treatment is a type of protein treatment.
How Often Should a Protein Treatment Be Used?
You can get protein treatments like cysteine or keratin once or twice a year.