Rhinoplasty: Getting the Perfect Nose For Your Face

Whether temporary or permanent, people like to look for ways to improve their appearance and look and feel beautiful. In the quest to find self-confidence and beauty, many of us turn to cosmetic surgery for help — one of the most popular cosmetic procedures to ever exist is rhinoplasty, also known as nose surgery.

Centered on the face, the nose holds a powerful position to determine facial harmony and balance. Change its shape, and you change your overall look. If you’re not feeling too confident about how your nose looks, rhinoplasty is a completely safe and effective option to correct that.

Why do people choose rhinoplasty to get their ideal nose?

While makeup techniques, such as contouring, can create an illusion of shadows and balance to the nose and face, there really is no permanent change to the actual bone structure. This is where nose surgery comes in.

Nose Surgery
Nose Surgery

Here are several reasons why people decide to get rhinoplasty for a long-term change in appearance.

1. It restores balance and harmony to the face.

Rhinoplasty is a procedure performed to surgically reform the shape and size of the nose. For some, this is done as a reconstructive procedure to repair a damaged nose, or it may be done simply for aesthetic reasons.

For the latter, rhinoplasty can be an opportunity to change the proportions of your other facial features, affecting and improving the balance and harmony of the face.

2. It corrects bumps to the nose.

Some people naturally have bumps on the nose, and some may have gotten one after an injury. Although others find them charming, quite a number of people like to smoothen out the bumps and even out the appearance of their nostrils.

Rhinoplasty is an effective cosmetic procedure that you can undergo if you have a bump on your nose that you want to fix, correct, or even out. Because doctors alter the shape of the nose during rhinoplasty, this can be a chance to get your ideal nose appearance.

3. It is a popular and safe cosmetic surgery procedure.

While rhinoplasty is an invasive cosmetic procedure, it is also one of the oldest and most popular cosmetic surgeries to ever exist. In fact, in 2020, 352,55 rhinoplasty procedures were performed in the United States alone, taking over breast augmentation as the number one cosmetic surgical procedure.

Because of how common this procedure is, it has become one of the safest and most low-risk procedures you can get for aesthetic purposes.

What you need to know about rhinoplasty

Many men and women are considering getting rhinoplasty to change their noses’ appearance to improve their confidence and self-esteem. If you are considering getting one for yourself, here are a few things you should know about the surgical procedure:

Rhinoplasty may be performed using different techniques.

Surgical rhinoplasty can be performed using two methods: the open and closed rhinoplasty techniques. During an open rhinoplasty, the nose surgeon makes an incision inside both nostrils and across the columella, or the tissue that connects the tip of the nose to the base.

Meanwhile, a closed rhinoplasty only makes two incisions inside the nostrils. In both techniques, surgeons make the alterations and reshape through the incisions, with one technique (open) allowing more access to the structure of the nose than the other. Depending on your ideal results, your surgeon may recommend which technique would work best for you.

Rhinoplasty may take up to two hours.

Every nose is different, and every person has different desired results. Normally, a regular rhinoplasty procedure may take up to two hours, and this greatly depends on how much work is needed and how many procedures need to be performed.

To know more about the operation and to get an idea of how long your rhinoplasty surgery will take, talk to your doctor for more details.

Boost your confidence with rhinoplasty – nose surgery

Rhinoplasty is a very common cosmetic procedure. While life-changing, this surgery ensures safety and low risks, so you won’t have to worry about complications as long as you get them done by an experienced and licensed cosmetic surgeon. Before you visit a plastic surgeon to get your nose done, research and think about what your desired aesthetic goals look like.

Besides permanent makeup, rhinoplasty (nose surgery) is a safe and common procedure to experience results that will last a lifetime. With a “nose job,” you can finally see how your ideal nose shape will improve your appearance and help improve your confidence and self-esteem.

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Can I go home right after a rhinoplasty procedure?
A rhinoplasty procedure only takes about 2 to 3 hours to finish, depending on the extent of work that needs to be done. Patients will be under general anesthesia during the entirety of the procedure.
Unless you have other medical conditions that need to be monitored, you can go home to rest right after the surgery.
What will I experience after a rhinoplasty procedure?
Although most procedures allow you to go home within the day of the surgery, you will be experiencing a little swelling and bruising, especially around the top of the nose bridge and under the eyes.

However, this goes away in time, and your nose will look better as it heals. Your doctor will prescribe medications to manage any pain during recovery.
Will I see my desired results right away?
Final results may show within a few weeks to a month when the swelling goes down, and this varies from person to person. You may be able to go back to normal activities in 5 days to 2 weeks as long as you avoid lifting heavy weights or doing strenuous activities.

Healing may look different for you, so taking care of your newly-reconstructed nose is essential. Your doctor will provide post-op care instructions to ensure you’ll see the healed results faster without any issues.
How long does a rhinoplasty result last?
Many cosmetic procedures require touch-ups every few years or so, but for rhinoplasty, results usually last a lifetime as long as you get them done by a trusted cosmetic surgeon who understands what you want and need.