20 Best Bridal Makeup Tips for Wedding Season 2022-2023

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If your recent google search history shows these terms, CONGRATULATIONS for your D-day. But your wedding day comes with so much stress, particularly wedding makeup. A little too much and you end up looking like a hobgoblin. A little too less and your wedding makeup looks so basic. Getting flawless wedding bridal makeup is a real pain.

Worry not! Being your skin care advisor and makeup consultant, Glam Up Gallery presents you with the best bridal makeup tips that help you get your dream look on your big day. This wedding blog lists down the top 10 wedding makeup tips for all would-be brides.

Don’t dishearten guys! These wedding makeup tips are unisex. So, if you are looking for wedding makeup tips for groom, you can get a lot here.

Best Bridal Makeup Tips for Indian Bride & Groom

1. Consider your wedding season

A bride must select her wedding makeup kit keeping the wedding month in consideration. For instance, if it is winter, choose a foundation that is neither too dry nor too flat and if it’s summer, avoid picking any makeup product that gets shiny or sticky. Also, buy long-wearing and waterproof makeup products for weddings that don’t smudge due to sacred smoke or when tears roll up your cheeks at the time of BIDAAI.

2. Find a perfect shade of foundation

If you have found the right shade of foundation for your skin, you have won half of the battle. The rest half is in the right application. So, when you apply foundation, don’t miss to apply it to your neck too. It’s your big day and you will be photographed non-stop. And the last thing you will ever expect in your wedding photographs is your face and neck to not match.

Foundation shade, skin tone,
Right shade of foundation

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3. Drink plenty of water for perfect health, hair and skin

This is one of the best bridal makeup tips that everyone should follow even if it is bridal makeup, bridesmaid makeup or groom makeup. When you are hydrated from the inside, it will reflect on your hair and skin, giving a smooth base for further makeup application.

 4. Pre bridal makeup

Most of the beauty salons offer pre bridal packages or pre bridal makeup services to help you decide your wedding makeup look. Since it is the big day of your life and you don’t want any trials or errors for your bridal makeup look, book a professional wedding makeup artist a day before your actual day of marriage. A makeup trial is important for both the bride-to-be and the makeup artist as it will help you walk down the aisle with full confidence that your makeup is complimenting your bridal lehenga and will last all day long.

 5. Use waterproof makeup products

Primer, foundation, eyeliner, lipstick and so on – waterproof everything. Wearing waterproof makeup will help you stay away from the need for frequent touchups. Also, your makeup will not smudge when your tears roll down through the apple of your cheeks. Furthermore, if you tear up, use a beauty blender to blot. It will press the beauty product into the skin instead of leaving streaks.

Best makeup for beginners
Makeup products

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 6. Consider teeth whitening

Your wedding is a day when all eyes and all cameras are on you. You want candid shots that you can cherish forever and whenever you look at them, you feel happy. So, what helps you get those perfect pictures? It is your pearly white smile. To get that picture-perfect smile, you can go for either cosmetic teeth whitening treatment or use natural teeth whitening ingredients to whiten your teeth. You can visit your dentist to know your best teeth whitening option. 

7. Lip care

Your pearly white smile is incomplete without soft kissable lips. Your lips should not go uncared for. Exfoliate your lips once a week and apply lip balm every night to get picture-perfect pouts. Cracked or chapped lips are a big no for any makeup look, be it no makeup makeup look or bridal makeup look. While chapped lips are a common problem in the winter season, some people also experience flaky lips problems in summer. So, to avoid getting chapped lips, make sure to add a lip balm to your bridal makeup list. Even if you use the moistest lipstick, apply it to your lips after a coat of lip balm otherwise your chapped lips will peep through the lipstick. Don’t forget to define your lips with a lip liner.

Lip makeup for bride, lip makeup
Lip makeup for bride

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8. Don’t book beauty services a day before the big day

Pre bridal skin care and beauty services are good to get but avoid getting any beauty services for brides a day before the big day. Plan your beauty services like facial hair removal, threading, facial etc. a day before the D-day a week in advance. It will help you avoid getting any bumps, rashes, itching or redness that can worsen your bridal makeup look. The same rule applies to groom makeup also. Don’t go for a man facial, threading or other salon services just a day before your marriage.

9. Keep it minimal and simple

There are different types of bridal makeup. HD makeup, airbrush makeup, matte makeup, natural makeup, minimal makeup, traditional bridal makeup for brides and so on. While it is your personal choice to choose your bridal makeup, we suggest you not go for a cakey and heavy makeup look because light makeup looks for wedding is in the trend. It will make you look like you have worn too much of makeup. Go for a natural, dewy and minimal makeup look to look fresh and radiant on your special day. 

10. Eyes are the focal point

Eyes are the focal point on your entire face. A little mistake on your eye makeup look and your entire effort of getting perfect bridal makeup will ruin. So, make sure your eye makeup is flawless that gives a dramatic look. Pick your eye makeup products with utmost care and plan the palette well in advance to get the desired look. Don’t miss to wear only waterproof and smudge-proof eye makeup so that at the time of “Bidaai” when you cry, your wedding makeup doesn’t look like someone punched you.

eye makeup for bride
Eye makeup for bride

11. Blush for the bride

A blushing bride with a dash of blush on the apple of her cheeks makes a perfect combination. But we suggest you go for natural shade blush instead of rosy cheeks. If you don’t know your natural shade, just pinch your cheeks and you will notice some pinkish shade, that’s your natural shade. Find your blush for the bridal makeup accordingly.

12. Don’t skip SPF:

Irrespective of a makeup look and skincare routine, SPF is a must for everyone in all seasons. So, you must add sunscreen to your bridal makeup kit. The harmful UV rays can cause dryness, wrinkles, tanning, premature ageing and damage the skin. This skin care practice will make you glow on your wedding day and even after that. Avoid wearing sunscreen on your wedding day. 

13. Stick to your usual makeup look:

It is your D-day but it doesn’t mean that you will change your look completely. Be yourself! For instance, if you are someone who wears no-makeup makeup look all the time, full face HD makeup should not be your bridal makeup style. Likewise, if you are a girl who wears makeup all the time, minimal makeup is not your thing. GlamUp Gallery suggests you go a little more “makeup” for your wedding day than usual. Obviously, you want to bring out the best version of yourself, not a complete stranger.

14. Hit the Gym

It is one of the best bridal makeup tips you can bank up on. Go for a regular gym session at least 3 months before your wedding and workout a minimum of 1 hour daily. A fitness routine helps you get your dream wedding look in many ways. It helps tone-up the body, build stamina, improve skin texture and promote overall sense of wellbeing.

Not to mention, when your skin texture is good, your makeup looks flawless and stays longer. And when you have good stamina, you can stay energetic with back-to-back wedding functions. So, even if you have a perfect hourglass figure, don’t miss hitting to the gym.

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15. Eat healthy

Again, it is for both, bride and groom. Just focusing on what you apply to your skin will not help you get the desired look. You need to keep a close watch on what you put inside yoru body. 

Make sure to add enough of vitamins, proteins, biotin, fibers and healthy fats in your diet. Lay off junk food, alcohol, chocolates, oilya and sugary foods. In this way, the bridal look you will get will make you internally happy and its effect will be visible on your face makeup in the form of healthy glow and smile.

Healthy diet
Eat healthy

16. Emergency kit for Indian bride

Yes, a wedding emergency kit for bride and groom does exist and helps to save the day. bridal emergency kit is meant for last minute touch-ups and re-touchups like flyaway hair, lost nail colour, chipped nails, smudged lips, watery eyes and dress malfunction. Wedding emergency kit saves the day of bride and groom from a feasible disaster. These wedding kits include items like cotton balls, earbuds, safety pins, bobby pins, tissue paper, hairspray, deodorant or anything else you might need during the ceremony. Make sure the bridesmaid has this kit handy for you all the time.

17. Skin care for bride and groom

Having healthy radiant skin is a forever makeup trend that will never go out of style. So, focusing on the specific skin care routine should be your prime preparation to get perfect bridal makeup. When you follow a skin care routine for brides/grooms, you will look fresh and glowing. Also, it will ensure flawless makeup application.

18. Go to Dermatologist

A visit to the dermatologist a couple of months before your big day is must to get smooth skin free from acne and scars. This is the most important bridal makeup tip for every bride and groom, particularly for those who are struggling with stubborn acne scars, blemishes, zits and skin marks.

19. Learn self makeup:

While you hire a professional bridal makeup artist to get you the desired bridal glow, it is good to know how to do makeup. It will not only help you do frequent touch-ups but also save the day when your makeup artist is not on time. Also, when you have good makeup skills, you can do the before and after functions of your marriage yourself.

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20. Balance the bridal look

Don’t keep your bridal look too sharp. Follow the classic makeup rule i.e. highlight eyes more than lips or vice versa. No matter how beautiful you naturally are, no matter how well your eye makeup and lip makeup are, highlighting every feature will make you look like a clown.

bride grooming
Indian bride grooming

Dos and Don’ts for bridal makeup

Dos Don’ts
Get a pre-bridal makeup trial 3-5 weeks before. Avoid getting facials on the day of wedding receptions.
Give your eyes maximum attention. Use eye lash extensions for a more dramatic look. Don’t match your eye shadow and the lip colour with the exact colour of your bridal dress. Choose the shade as per your face makeup.
Prepare your base correctly. Don’t add too many layers of foundations to avoid cakey makeup.
Wear the right shade of lipstick. Don’t wear sunscreen for your wedding makeup look.
Use ice on your face before starting the steps of bridal makeup. Don’t get waxing, threading or any hair removal services on the day of the wedding.
Make sure that the bridal makeup artist is using the same makeup brands and shade of products which were used in the Makeup trial. Don’t experiment with your wedding makeup look. Get bridal makeup trials to determine the look.
Use smudge-proof and waterproof makeup.  Don’t rely on new beauty products for your bridal makeup look.
Do get hair trimming done after hair straightening. Don’t burden your hair with too many accessories. It may lose your bridal hairstyle. 
Hire a professional makeup artist for wedding makeup for brides and grooms. Don’t just count on your friends or try DIY makeup techniques to do your wedding makeup. 

So, walk down the aisle with a killer wedding makeup look with these best bridal makeup tips.

Good luck for your marriage! Glam up like the princes you are!


Which type of makeup is best for the wedding?
Airbrush Makeup look
HD Makeup look
Matte Makeup look
Natural Makeup look
Mineral Makeup look
Minimal makeup look
Shimmer makeup look
Smokey makeup look
What should a bridal makeup kit include?
        Compact/Setting powder.
        Lip balm
        Lip liner
        Setting spray
How to get the best bridal makeup look?
Booking a professional makeup artist for wedding is the best way to get the perfect bridal makeup for your D-day. Apart from hiring a bridal makeup artist, you must follow a proper skin care routine, use the right skin care products, limit sun exposure, exercise regularly, and reduce stress to look your best on your big day.  
How to hire a bridal makeup artist?
Always listen to your friend’s or family’s recommendation first.
Don't count on a makeup artist by just seeing her social media handle.
Check out her ratings and reviews.
Meet the artist beforehand and ask for pre bridal makeup.
Communicate your skin type and concerns.
Discuss what type of bridal makeup look you want for your wedding day. 
Which bridal makeup is best?
HD makeup is good for the Indian bride and is suitable for all skin types.
What type of bridal makeup is good for oily skin?
Airbrush makeup is highly suggested for people with oily skin.