7 Warning Signs that Indicate You Need Hair Regrowth Treatment

Every individual requires hair regrowth treatment from time to time. Why? The hair care products we use in our day to day life leave a negative impact on our hair and to offset their impact, you need to opt for hair treatment. However, we believe it is wrong to say that the hair products or styling tools are alone to blame for damaged hair. Even lifestyle habits such as poor diet can damage your hair.

This article will discuss the top signs that your hair is crying out for help. Before you opt for hair regrwoth treatment in Dubai or elsewhere, we recommend going through this article because we will also discuss the solutions and treatments for damaged hair. It might be that you save loads of money on hair regrowth treatment with just a few changes.

Signs of damaged hair

Hair regrowth treatment

There are numerous signs of damaged hair such as:

1. Thinning Hair

The most common sign of damaged hair is that it starts thinning and quite fast. You will notice that you can start seeing your scalp even though it was not visible before. Thinning can be caused by various reasons such as stress, depression, excessive or little use of hair products, or even medication. It is up to the individual to assess what is contributing to their hair thinning problem by evaluating what has changed in their life.

2. Hair Loss

Another sign that you may need to opt for hair loss treatment or hair regrowth treatment is the loss of hair. If your hair line starts receding with no apparent reason or every time you brush your hair, you see strands of hair falling out, it is time to worry. Hair loss are not only a sign of damaged hair but an underlying health problem. We recommend that you set up an appointment with your doctor to rule out any health scare.

3. Split Ends

Split ends resemble the end of an unravelled rope. If you experience split ends (it is quite easy to spot them), you need to take a step back and assess any changes to your hair care routine over the past few weeks. Split ends can ruin your appearance as the hair look dull and damaged. People might think that you have not brushed or washed your hair for long. It can ruin your confidence and the event. Split ends can also be attributed to the weather. If you are experience dry, humid weather, it can drain the moisture from your scalp.

4. Breakage

If your hair easily breaks when brushing or styling, it means that they have lost their elasticity. The most common reason for it is excessive use of hair products such as colours and styling tools.

5. Excessive Tangling

Despite your best efforts, if your hair keeps tangling, it means that it is time you pay your salon a visit. They can assess the problem correctly and recommend the right treatment. Excessive tangling can be attributed to multiple reasons such as dry or inelastic hair.

6. Dry Hair

After showering and use of various products, if your hair feel dry, it indicates that your scalp has low levels of nutrients.

7. Non-Responsive

Another sign that you are in need of a hair regrowth treatment is if your hair is unresponsive to styling and products. Suppose you curl your hair and after a few hours it again appears dry and tangled. It means that your hair is quite damaged.

Hair Regrowth Treatment

hair care

Well, there are numerous types of hair regrowth treatment in Dubai and elsewhere which you can opt for to treat your damaged hair. However, before using such treatments, we recommend a few other tips. They are inexpensive and can help revive your damaged hair without any significant costs.

1. Lifestyle Changes

The first tip is to make changes to your lifestyle. Ensure that you are getting a good amount of sleep at night. Most people don’t realise it, but lack of sleep can cause damage to the hair. Secondly, take it easy on the alcohol. Everyone knows that alcohol has numerous health-related impacts such as liver damage. What people don’t know is that alcohol consumption can prevent the body from getting the much-needed nutrients. Over time, malnutrition can cause excessive hair loss, hair thinning, and split ends.

2. Healthy Diet

The second tip is to improve your diet. It is time to cut back on junk food and fizzy drinks. Instead, opt for a healthy, balanced diet. Foods rich in protein and vitamins can rejuvenate your scalp, resulting in healthy hair.

3. Drink Water

Your body needs water to survive as it keeps it hydrated. When you don’t consume adequate amounts of water, your skin and scalp begin to dry up. The loss of moisture in the skin will eventually take a toll on your hair. Drinking the right amount of water can keep your skin and scalp hydrated, giving it a healthy appearance.

4. Limit Heat Styling Tools

If you like to frequently dye your hair or use styling tools such as curlers, it will eventually damage your hair. Why? Excess amount of any thing is bad. So, cut back on the chemicall based products and the heat styling tools.

5. Use Hair Protection Products

Leave in conditions and hair masks are an effective way to protect your hair against damage. They replenish the hair with the required nutrients and provide an additional layer of protection. The best thing about them is that you can apply them at home. In other words, there is no need to go for expensive salon visits.

6. Use Lukewarm Water

Don’t wash your hair with hot water as it can remove the natural oils from your scalp and hair. Instead, wash your hair with cold or lukewarm water. This simple tip has proven effective for a lot of our readers.


These are the key signs of damaged hair that indicate you need hair regrowth treatment. Before opting for expensive hair regrwoth treatments, we recommend that you try the above-mentioned solutions. They are inexpensive and can be done at home. It does not mean that you should not opt for hair treatments at a salon. Keratin treatment, hair transpalnt, scalp treatment, hair smoothening and rebonding hair are some of the most loved hair care treatments. They, too, have their own benefits and it is okay to treat yourself to such hair treatments once in a while.

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Post Credit: Humza Barlass, Pakistan