Top 12 valentine’s day gifts ideas for girlfriends!

valentine's day gift for girlfriend

As love season comes closer, the pressure to find the best valentine’s day gift for girlfriend gets higher. We all struggle with one question – what will she like and what not. You want to gift her something unique that speaks volume your love, care and emotion for her. However, finding the special valentine’s day gift for her is a tough task.

So, to help you find the best gift for girlfriend on valentine day, we have come up with the top 10 valentine gifts for girlfriend to surprise your loved ones. No matter if you have been married for years or have just started dating each other, a right gift always makes her feel special. If you are unsure what to get her this V-Day, go through this guide on Unique Valentine’s Day ideas to make the right choice.

After all, “she is your love, she is your emotion, she is the one you want to be with at every celebration.”

How to buy the best valentine’s day gift for girlfriend?

Valentine day gift

Honestly telling, there are abundant options when looking for the best valentine gift for girlfriend. However, with limitless options available, getting confused in making a choice is a possible problem. You can get her something classic to say I Love You like ‘A Red Rose’ or opt for something sentimental to reflect your relationship like a ‘DIY Book’ that narrates your unique love story. Also, you can never go wrong with some chocolate-covered strawberries, gourmet boxes, teddy bears, makeup products, jewelleries and so on. These valentine day gifts for gf are super sweet and always hit the right note.

Alternatively, you can walk off the beaten route and get your girlfriend something unusual that pertains to her interests. You know your love the best. So, find her something that speaks to her. For instance, if she loves to be warm and cozy, get her a mini fireplace. If she loves home décor, gift her some romantic statuette featuring a loving couple that reminds your love story. If she is her kind of MUA, nothing can surprise her as much as a bag full of makeup products.

While you can’t go wrong with classic gifts on valentine’s day, a gift that is specifically crafted to her unique interests can show that you really care about the things she’s into.

Top 12 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Girlfriend.

If you are still unsure what to get your girlfriend this love season, this blog is for you. Here are the top 10 valentine gifts for girlfriend that she will surely like:

1. Skin care products

There is a reason why your girl’s skin looks so fab. She follows a specific skin care routine for AM and PM. She is so obsessed with skincare. So, why not gift her something relatable to honour that obsession? Gifting her skin care products guarantees that she will love them and use the same to level up her skincare game.

2. Makeup products

The fact is hidden from none that girls are insane about cosmetics and makeup products. Thus, there is no better way to see that million-dollar smile on your girl’s face than gifting her a makeup kit full of makeup products. So, stop looking for the ‘Valentine day special gift for girlfriend’, and buy her the best beauty products from her favourite makeup brand.

If unsure of what makeup products to keep in the Makeup kit, this beauty blog Best Makeup Products For Beginners In 2022 is for you.

Valentine day gift makeup, valentine's day gift for girlfriend

3. Bamboo Plant

Something green, something live, something that brings good fortune. How about a bamboo plant? Gifting a bamboo plant is always a good valentine’s gift for girlfriend for nourishing one’s soul. Bamboo Plant for Valentine’s day gift can be the best idea ever to bring love and charm to your girl. Each stalk of the plant signifies a deep meaning of love and care.

  • 2 stalks represent love
  • 3 stalks symbolize happiness, wealth, bliss and long life.
  • 5 stalks represent wealth.
  • 6 stalks symbolize good luck and prosperity.
  • 7 stalks signify good health, wealth and happiness.
  • 8 stalks act as luck enhancers and great motivators.
  • 9 stalks symbolize good fortune.
  • 10 stalks represent completion and perfection.
  • 21 stalks represent abundance and blessings.

4. Thoughtful Gifts

A gift for girls, does not always have to be extravagant. Sometimes, something thoughtful goes a long way to create a lasting impact. So, your valentine’s day gift for girlfriend can be as simple as a customized book or a journal with her name/photo on it.

Sometimes, girls want nothing but to spend some quality time together with the love of their life. So, if your girl always complains to you about not spending time with her, this V day, gift her a surprise treat of movie night. It will not only help you get some quality time together but also create memories that both of you can cherish forever.

5. Champagne Bottles and Glasses

It’s love season and love calls for celebration. So, what can be the valentine’s day gift for girlfriend than Champagne glasses to celebrate love? To add a cherry to the crown, you can get the glasses personalized with a cute V-day theme, love symbols, or simply by both of your names.  You can use Champagne glasses to toast every event you share together.

valentine's day gift for girlfriend

6. Flowers

Flowers are the best valentine’s day gift for girlfriend to express your unsaid emotions. The way Red Rose says I Love You, no other gift can do. Even if it is the classic V-day gift, it will win her heart and she can’t say No to it. For a change, you can choose exotic orchids or lilies too.

7. Jewellery

The inclination of girls towards different types of jewellery is an open secret. They have a close obsession with bracelets, earrings, pendant chains, rings, anklets and so on. You can never go wrong with jewellery. All you need to do is to find out what types of jewellery your girl likes the most and woo her with the same on Valentine’s Day. Trust us, she can’t say no to your proposal.

8. Spa Day

A spa day takes all the stress away. In the daily hustle-bustle of life, we often forget about caring for ourselves and get that much-needed ‘Me Time.’ So, what can be a better way to say you care for her than to gift her a relaxing spa day at her favourite beauty salon? Alternatively, you can help her relax with a spa gift basket that includes bath salts, bubble baths, shower gels, moisturizing body creams, and some fragrances of your choice.

9. Rose Quartz Roller

You can’t understand her obsession with her skincare routine. But you can definitely enhance her routine ritual by getting her a rose quartz roller. It will help your lady love get soft, glowing and rejuvenated skin in no time. So, in the season of love, a rose quartz roller can be one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for girlfriend.

Rose Quartz Roller
Skincare products

10. Love Messages

What can be a better gift for Valentine’s day than a jar overflowing with handwritten love quotes? It is actually the best idea to win your girls’ hearts. It is time to pour your heart out and say everything you have enclosed in your heart for months or even years. So, guys, just get ready and it is time to let her know how much you love her, appreciate her and care for her. Start planning your valentine’s day gift from today by writing 1 or 2 love messages daily. Drop tiny love letters in a glass jar to count the limitless reasons you love her!

11. Vintage Pendant:

Believe it or not, every girl likes antique and old-school presents. And when it comes to vintage gifts for Valentine’s day, nothing can match the vibe of a folding vintage locket. This is a classic yet unique way to make her feel special and yours. Pick a beautiful heart-shaped folding pendant with a gold chain attached and fill the locket with both of your pictures. Now, tell me, isn’t it a great way to make sure she will cherish the gift for a lifetime?

12. Artificial Nails

Girls have secret affairs with impeccably done nails. They might say ‘No’ to makeup but can’t say ‘No’ to gorgeous nails. So, if your lady love is obsessed with perfectly done nails, get her artificial nails and manicure kit this V day. This way, she can save a bomb on her regular salon visits. Amazing! right?

Nail art, Acrylic nails, Artificial nails, nail designs,
Nail Art

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These are some of the most sensible, useful, sentimental, romantic and forever thoughtful valentine’s day gift for girlfriend. If unsure what to buy this love season to surprise your lady love, get her any one of these heartwarming and thoughtful gifts for Valentine day. No matter whether she is in love with practical or sentimental gifts, she will absolutely love your caring and romantic gift ideas for Valentine’s Day.

Don’t miss showering her with lots of love, care and hugs!

Happy Valentine’s Day 2023… in advance!

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