Winter skincare routine for men and women

From morning to night, home to office and summer to winter, it’s not only our dressing style and lifestyle habits that change, our skin calls for a change too. Talking about skin care in winter, we need to follow a specific winter skincare routine to prevent dryness and flaky skin while getting a soft and healthy skin.

flaky skin, dry skin,
Dry and flaky skin in winter

Why winter skin care routine is essential?

The cold breezy wind in winter steals the skin’s natural moisture, causing it to turn dry, itchy and dull. In some instances, it can even lead to eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions. Under such circumstances, men and women are often confused about how to maintain their soft and smooth skin in cold months. The answer lies in reviving your morning and night skincare routine in winter.
So, if you are the one struggling to come over your winter blues, this skin care blog is for you. Read on to know the best winter skin care tips and skin care routine for the chilly months.

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Follow a lip care routine to prevent chapped lips in winter. Make sure to use a fragrance-free hydrating lip balm with SPF throughout the day to protect your lips.

Winter skin care routine

Here are the 8 easy steps of winter skin care for sensitive skin, dry skin, oily skin and other skin types.

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Winter skin care cleanser,
Winter face care

1. Cleansing – Switch to a hydrating cleanser

As the temperature and humidity levels drop during the winter season, the natural moisture of our skin begins to deteriorate due to the dry air around us. Don’t worry! Every problem has a solution. To fight winter dryness, ditch your regular facewash and switch to a moisturizing cleanser. It will support the skin’s moisture barrier and hydrate your parched skin.
What’s more? It will slough off the dead skin cells and extract the deep-seated impurities without making your skin feel tight or dry.

2. Refreshing – Sprinkle Vitamin C toner

Vitamin C is a winner for winter skincare. Add vitamin C toner to your daily skin care routine to get amazing results. It not only gives your skin a refreshing boost but also helps combat SPF rays, improve collagen production and enhance skin pigmentation, resulting in a brighter complexion.

3. Treating – Apply a hyaluronic acid serum

Exposure to dry and chilly winds in cold months can lead to parched skin and cause other skin problems. You need to target these skin concerns with a specific serum enriched with the goodness of hyaluronic acid. hyaluronic acid helps retain moisture and hydrates your skin whilst treating most skin problems.

4. Hydrating – Pick an ultra-hydrating moisturizer

The next step in your winter skincare routine is moisturization. During the cold months, apply an ultra-hydrating moisturizer to your face, neck, hands, legs and other body parts. It will keep your skin soft, smooth, moist and healthy.

5. Protecting – Use a mineral-based sunscreen

Shield your skin with sunscreen. The biggest skincare mistake people often make in winter is not wearing SPF. Just because the sun does not seem brutal in chilly months, it doesn’t mean the UV rays will not harm your skin. The UV rays can cause tanning, sunburns and other skin issues all around the year. So, don’t eliminate sunscreen from your daily skin care routine in any season. For cold months, you should use a mineral-based SPF for its breathability and lightness.

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The moisture escapes from your hand’s skin more quickly than other body parts, making them prone to cracks, itchiness and winter eczema. Make sure to moisturize your hands frequently every time you wash or sanitize your hands.

6. Rejuvenation – Apply a nourishing face mask

In the winter season when temperature and humidity level drop significantly, a hydrating face mask made at home is a must for every man and woman. It provides your skin with the next level of rejuvenation. You need not apply a homemade face mask daily, just once or twice a week can deliver an amazing result. Apply the facemask after a little facial massage and don’t miss to follow up with a moisturizer.

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7. Renewal – Use mild exfoliator

To remove dead and flaky skin in winter, exfoliating your skin once or twice a week is essential. For exfoliation, you can use a homemade face scrub made of natural ingredients like coffee, oats, coconut milk etc. Make sure to exfoliate as per your skin type. If you have dry skin, exfoliate very lightly and if you have oily or acne prone skin, don’t exfoliate more than a week.

8. Retinol for night skin care routine in winter

You must add retinol to your daily skin care routine if not yet. Retinol regulates oil flow, increases cell turnover and improves skin-color, resulting in soft, smooth and brighter skin. Make sure to use retinol at night. If you use it in day, don’t ever skip to follow up with a good SPF.
These 8 steps winter skin care routine will help you get rid of dry, itchy and parched skin whilst delivering a radiant glow. Start following this skin care routine from today to keep skin moist and dewy throughout the season.

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The skin on your feet tends to get more affected from dry air in winter, causing cracked feet. Use petroleum jelly or glycerin-based creams to moisturize your feet frequently.

Winter skin care tips:

To stay warm in winter is the victory but having healthy skin in winter is a real challenge. Follow these skin secrets for the cold months to triumph over your winter skin blues.

Skin care productsUse mild skin care products in winter. Choose hydrating skincare range to avoid stripping your skin. If you have acne-prone skin, use skin care products containing glycerin, ceramides, hyaluronic acid etc.
Diet planTake a nutritious and seasonal diet. Eat plenty of squashes like butternut and pumpkin. Also, take enough Berries, seasonal fruits and veggies.
Body ButterIndulge in creamy body butter enriched with the goodness of shea and cocoa oils.


HumidifierKeep a humidifier running at home to keep your skin moisturized and prevent blemishes.
SunglassesDon’t ditch sunglasses in winter. The glare from the sun and snow can brutally affect the delicate skin around the eyes, resulting in crow’s feet, fine lines, dark circles and brown spots. So, make sure to wear good quality sunglasses with wide arms.
Exercise for healthy skinExercise will pump up your heart rate, which stimulates blood circulation to your organs and skin.
Lukewarm water for showerHot water can strip natural moisture, making your skin drier. Always prefer lukewarm water to bathe.

Following these winter skin care tips will help prevent dry skin and deliver a healthy glow.

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Winter body care special

You put up big pain to take care of your face but what about hardworking feet and hands? They too deserve a little pampering! So, what do you do for your body? Here are the best body care tips:

  • Moisturize your hands and feet immediately after you shower.
  • Keep a good cream in your bag to moisturize your hands after every wash.
  • Moisturize your hands and feet before going to bed and pull on a pair of socks for maximum results.
  • Rely on natural skin care in winter or homemade face mask for soft and glowing skin.
Natural skin care
Winter natural skin care

Final word on winter skin care

If you still experience dry, dull, itchy and parched skin after following the winter skin care routine and skin care tips, it is time to seek medical help. You might need a prescription medicine, cleanser and moisturizer to overcome winter blues. Don’t miss to follow winter night skin care routine along with your morning routine for winter skincare.

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What is a good winter skin care routine for oily skin?
A good skin care routine for oily skin is to follow TTM in the morning and at night.

T- Tone with toner that contains glycolic acid, salicylic acid or lactic acid.
T - Treat with serum that contains retinol or benzoyl peroxide.
M - Moisturize with a noncomedogenic, lightweight moisturizer.
What is a good winter skin care routine for dry skin?
All you need to do for a winter skin care routine for dry skin is to follow 4 easy steps.

Kick start your day with a hydrating cleanser that doesn't disrupt skin’s outer layer.
Next, use an alcohol-free toner to restore skin pH level of the skin.
Now, it is time to target skin concerns with a serum to treat skin issues.
Lastly, hydrate your skin with a noncomedogenic moisturizer to lock in hydration.
Is a cream or lotion better in winter?
Since face creams contain more oil than body lotion, they tend to be heavier and greasier than lotion. Thus, creams are not a great choice for oily skin but a great skin care product for dry skin in winter.
Which moisturizer is best in winter for dry skin?
Best Moisturizers for dry skin in Winter

Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion.
Eucerin Moisturizing Face Lotion.
CeraVe Skin Renewing Night Cream.
Aquaphor Healing Ointment.
Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream.
Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel.
What is best for face in winter?
Some of our best picks for winter face care are listed below:

Ponds moisturizing cold cream.
Pond's light moisturizer.
Himalaya nourishing skin cream.
Nivea cold cream.
Mamaearth vitamin c nourishing cold winter cream.
Dabur gulabari moisturising cold cream.
Ayur herbal cold cream with aloe vera.
Wow skin science face cream and body butter
Vaseline intensive care body lotion
Boroline antiseptic ayurvedic cream
How can I take care of my skin in winter?
Steps of skin care in winter include:

Switch to a hydrating cleanser.
Moisturize your skin well.
Don't forget sunscreen.
Use homemade face mask weekly.
Exfoliate once or twice a week,
Take extra care of your lips and eyes.