What Are The Secrets & Strategies To Be A Rummy Star?


In this net-savvy epoch, if we are not online, we are truly nowhere. To keep pace with today’s fast-spinning wheel of time, we all are turning to the online world to fulfil our daily desires. This is the reason that the number of online casinos and gaming sites is burgeoning by leaps and bounds. The trend of online gaming has virtually surpassed all the traditional street-side casino systems of the fore. While there are oodles of interesting games to be enjoyed, gamers often love exploring the fun of playing 13 cards games i.e. Online Rummy.

No matter you are a good gamer or a novice in the realm of online Rummy, this 13 card game is for everyone. You just need to put a few simple winning strategies in mind and you can be a Rummy Star. If you are not sure about the nitty-gritty of this card game, this article is for you.

Scroll down to know the Rummy Rules, Winning Secrets and the mistakes that you need to keep out of your gaming strategy.

What Are Rummy Rules?

The rules of rummy are simple. You need to arrange all 13 cards to form at least two sequences – one has to be a pure sequence and the rest has to be arranged invalid sequences. Rummy is one of the most loved card games of picks and discards. Picking the apt card and discarding the inapt one is one of the main rules of rummy. First, you need to pick a card from either the Closed Deck or the Open Deck. Thereafter, you need to discard one of your cards to the open deck.

What Are The Winning Strategies for Playing Rummy?

Rummy is a game of skill and in order to excel at this game, you need to put all your winning strategies and best skill forward to trick your opponent. So, if you are unsure of the best rummy skill and strategy to trick your rummy rivals, the tips and tricks mentioned here in this article will help you defeat them and turn the table in your favour. These winning secrets will help you stay a step ahead of all the other online gamers. Don’t forget to bookmark this article as you never know when these winning tricks are going to be handy!

While I don’t negate the fact that the more you play, the better you become at the game, these winning strategies will help you get your best win in the easiest way possible. So, here are some pointers that will help you master the game of Rummy.

Also, as you learn each skill we have mentioned here, rest assured that you will be the best rummy gamer around! Some of these skills will also be helpful for you later in your life. For instance, skills like concentration, observation, reading minds, mathematical and probability skills will help you in your daily life.

How to play rummy, Rummy rules

Salient Tips to Excel in Online Rummy Game –

·         Practice Makes Men Perfect – 

There is a well-said axiom, “the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is practice” and this axiom sounds very much true in the sense of playing games. So, in order to enhance your rummy skills, do take out some time to practice every day. Follow and practice some vital tips enlisted at the trusted gaming websites and see yourself turning to be a better and better gamer day by day. 

·         Do Not Under-Estimate The Power Of A Joker –

Similar to the adage, “Do not under-estimate the power of a Zero” in mathematics, you should not under-estimate the power of a Joker in Rummy Game. Joker is that vital card of Rummy that can turn the table in a jiffy and bring the game in your favour. So, if you have got a joker, use it at the right time and at the right place. If you use this wildcard smartly, there is no card as powerful as ‘The Joker’ itself. So, you must know which sets or sequences, you should add Jokers to reap optimum benefits.

·         Dropping Is Not Always Bad –

While planning rummy online, you are always free to drop out of the game. There are some hands that you don’t have to play with. If you are not confident enough to win the game or if you have not got any good cards to form sequences, it is better to drop the game at the beginning instead of playing till last. If you drop in the beginning, you will lose with only 20 points but if you decide to play the game with poor cards, you may have to lose a lot of points.

·         Colour of The Cards –

The colour of the cards plays a vitally crucial role while playing online rummy. You should arrange the cards in your hands in such a way that you may not get confused while discarding them. Arrange them in alternate colours to group them in better order. You can group your cards in a black-red-black or red-black-red colour combination. Doing so will help reduce confusion and avoid mistakes while picking and discarding a card.

·         Keep On Regrouping or Re-Arranging Your Cards –

There are times when you don’t realize that you are holding a winning hand. Sometimes, you already have a set of sequences but you don’t even know it because you have arranged the same grouping of cards throughout the game. Hence, always re-arrange your cards when you are playing. Move things around constantly. You can also do the same at the time of declaring. You may minimize losses and maximize winnings.

·         Bluff & Win –

Do you know bluffing in rummy will take you on your way to victory? Yes, bluffing is a surefire strategy to surpass your rummy rivals. In order to bluff your opponent, you have to toy with his mind and try to show him that you have a better hand as compared to his. Thus, once the cards are dealt, keep an eye on his picks and discards. If your opponent does not pick too many cards or if his discards are random, you can try your bluff strategy on him.

Bluff strategy is all about making your opponent feel that you have a good set or sequences even if you don’t have them. To make him think that you have a better hand, keep on picking cards from the open deck for 4 to 5 moves until the opponent gets dispirited and drops his game to make you a winner. It is a worthy trick to try. If you can gain ground in reading the hands of your opponent, nothing can check you to be the master of Rummy.

·         Keep Calm –

Rummy is not merely a “Card Game” but also a “Mind Game”. It is a game that calls for high patience and presence of mind. The patient is paramount in the game of rummy. Nonetheless, it is quite common for rummy players to make mistakes. Playing a wrong move in a hurry can cost dear to the gamer. So if you make your moves too hastily, you are bound to lose. Thereby, you learn to keep calm and take decisions prudently so as to increase your chance of winning the game.

Here the popular saying “Has fortune dealt you some bad cards? Then let wisdom make you a good gamester.” quoted by Francis Quarles sounds very much true. You can use your wisdom and triumphant rummy strategies mentioned above to Win Big, irrespective of what cards you have in your hand.

Five Mistakes That Keep You Away From Gaining Ground in Online Rummy –

So far you have a better understanding of the winning secrets and strategies of playing Rummy but it is not the end of the game. You have to still learn a lot so as to excel in this art. You have won just half of the battle; half is still remaining to be conquered. If you truly wish to master this 13 card game, along with uncovering the winning skills, you must know what mistakes you need to avoid while playing online rummy.

Most of us make some silly mistakes after the cards are dealt with us and these silly mistakes often turn costly that take the entire game away from us. So, in order to fully comprehend the winning strategies for playing rummy, you must make yourself aware of the top 5 mistakes that a rummy player often does while playing the game. Avoid doing these mistakes so that you may have a better chance of winning.

1.       Having Over Enthusiasm –

Of course, having a great zeal is good to play any game and Rummy is not an exception to it but excess of anything is bad and the same goes true with excess zeal too. Over enthusiasm can lead to a big loss in the game of rummy. It is a game of patience where you should use your brain to read your opponent’s mind and make wise moves. So, be calm and play patiently.

2.       Being Over Confident –

While you must have confidence in the cards you have in your hand, overconfidence can make you incur a big loss in the game. So, when you get your cards, first take a few minutes to analyze whether you can win the game with these 13 cards or not. If not, you had better drop out of the game and accept your defeat.

3.       Making Excess Chat –

Even if every online gaming site has got an option to chat, it does not make good sense that you use this option every time you play. Try not to take the help of this option because the more you chat, the better idea your opponent will have of your hand card. So, it is wise not to use this feature while playing online rummy.

4.       Misusing the Jokers –

Jokers play a pivotal role in the realm of online rummy. When used rightly, they can help you make the melds and reduce the points to a great extend. So, add wildcards or Jokers in the card sets sincerely where you think they can reduce the points even if you lose the game.

5.       Keeping High Cards –

Keeping high cards till the end of the game may be the costliest mistake you will be making. If you think you cannot make a set or sequence using high cards like A, K, Q and J, try to discard them as soon as possible. Discarding a high card is a great move because if you lose the game, these high point cards can make you lose huge points.

I hope that the winning strategies mentioned here will help you master the game of online Rummy. But as the aphorism goes, “Things can be turned into reality only when they are implemented”, so go ahead, practice these tricks & become a Rummy star. If you follow and practice all these points, there is a big possibility that you will win the game.

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