Best 7 Benefits of Rose Water for Face to Up Your Skincare Routine

Rose water is nothing but a water-like solution infused with the goodness of rose petals that work wonders for the skin and hair. The benefits of rose water for face are enormous, and it has taken the skincare and beauty industry by storm. It is why, this natural skin care ingredient has been used for centuries to promote healthy, glowing skin. 

Filled with medicinal and therapeutic properties, rose eater is a secret ingredient found in various cosmetics, medicines, and beauty and skincare products. Also, this magical water is one of the most commonly used ingredients in all types of DIY face mask recipes and forms the best natural toner to maintain skin pH levels. 

But apart from being a secret ingredient in beauty and skin care products, this beauty tonic offer a gazillion other advantages. So, let’s discover the other uses and benefits of rose water for skin.

The best thing about rose water is that it is suitable for all skin types.

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Top 7 Benefits of Rose Water for Face

Rose water benefits for the face work wonder with a long-term application, especially when used overnight. It can help nourish, hydrate, and soothe irritated skin while promoting a radiant complexion and delaying the occurrence of aging signs. 

Let’s dive deeper to know the multifarious benefits of rose water for face.

1. Maintains pH level of the Skin

Since rose water is an amazing natural skin toner, it has astringent and pH-balancing properties. When used as a facial toner, rose water helps remove deep-seated impurities and excess oil from the face and thus reduces skin breakouts like whiteheads, blackheads, discoloration, acne scars, dark spots, and other skin concerns, delivering radiant, glowing skin. 

2. Soothes Irritated Skin

This magical beauty potion is filled with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which help soothe irritated skin, calm sunburns, and reduce redness on the skin. Applying rose water to irritated and inflamed skin instantly gives a cooling effect and helps reduce burns and itchiness. It is also known to alleviate the symptoms of skin diseases like rosacea and eczema. However, more research is needed to support its effectiveness in treating these skin diseases.

3. Balances Natural Oils

Bless your skin with the best benefits of rose water for face to balance its natural oils. No matter whether you have dry skin or oily skin, rose water helps keep it nourished and hydrated. Use it as a facial mist throughout the day to keep your skin refreshed and reenergized. 

4. Delays Aging Signs

Rich in antioxidant properties, rose water is an effective anti-aging skin care product used to prevent cell damage which causes aging signs. Add this natural remedy to your daily skin care routine, and it will smoothen fine lines and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Also, rose water helps heal wounds and fade age spots.

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5. Prevents and Treats Skin Infections

Rose water is filled with goodness of antiseptic properties, thus, helping prevent and treat infections. It is why rose water is often used in medicinal skin care products. Even rose water is used as eye drops to treat conjunctivitis cases. The benefits of rose water as an antiseptic and analgesic agent are numerous. So, if you are dealing with acne flare up, use this natural remedy to treat the condition.

6. Unwind and De-stress 

Do you know rose water is also an antidote for daily stress caused by exhaustion or a hectic work schedule? Use it to de-stress yourself from the tension in your brain and body. Apply a little rose water to your neck, behind the ears, and on your wrist, and lay back. Its sweet fragrance will kick out all your stress of the day. 

7. Removes Makeup 

We all know that rose water is an amazing ingredient to up our skin care game. But do you know it has found its place in the makeup vanity also? Yes, rose water is an amazing makeup remover for all skin types, particularly for sensitive and acne-prone skin. If you have dry, sensitive, or acne-prone skin, finding a makeup remover that can suit your skin type is a real pain, and using the wrong type of makeup remover can cause skin breakouts. So, using natural rose water is a great way to gently remove makeup from the face without causing any concerns. 


It is good to do a patch test before you add rose water to your daily skin care routine as, in some cases, it can cause allergic reactions too.

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How to Make Rose Water at Home?

Rose water is a natural, fragrant beauty tonic used for centuries in skincare and aromatherapy. The rose water is made by distilling rose petals that form refreshing liquid for the skin. Let’s see step by step process to make rose water at home.

You Will Need

  • 2 liters of distilled water
  • Petals of 10 roses

Step by step process to make pure rose water at home

  1. Select fresh rose petals and clean them properly.
  2. Add the clean petals and distilled water to a saucepan. (Just take that much which is can cover the petals.) 
  3. Simmer the water and petals for 30-40 minutes until the petals turn their color.
  4. Now, turn off the gas stove and let it cool off.
  5. Now, strain the water into a sterilized spray bottle, and your DIY rose water made at home is ready to use.
  6. Refrigerate and use it to up your skin care game.

How to Use Rose Water on Your Face?

Rose water is a natural beauty tonic that you can use in various ways. Facial mist, rose water toner, and an ingredient in the DIY face mask are some of the most common rose water uses for face. 

  1. As a facial mist: Sprinkel rose water spray onto your face to refresh and hydrate your skin throughout the day.
  2. As a toner: Dab a cotton ball in rose water and apply it to your face after cleansing. It will help remove deep-seated impurities and balance the pH of your skin.
  3. As a DIY face mask: Add a few drops of rose to your homemade face mask and apply it to your face as you do with the face mask.

Final Thought

Rose water is a natural beauty tonic used for centuries as an active ingredient in the skin care aisle. This natural remedy helps hydrate, nourish, refresh, and soothe irritated skin as well as promote radiant and glowing skin from within. 

Use it as a facial mist, as a natural toner or add it to your homemade face pack for glowing skin; it will bless your skin with its multifarious benefits in either way. So make it a part of your daily skin care routine now and enjoy the many benefits of rose water for face


What is the best time to use rose water for the face?
While you can use rose water throughout the day, it is good to add it to your PM skin care routine and leave it overnight to reap the maximum benefits of this beauty tonic.
Why rose water is useful for skin care?
Rose water is filled with amazing skin care properties essential for healthy and glowing skin. These properties include
Anti-inflammatory properties
Antiseptic properties
Antibacterial properties
Antioxidant properties
What is the shelf life of gulab jal for facer?
Rose water can last up to 6 months when stored in the refrigerator. However, if the color or scent of rose water changes, you should discard it immediately.
What are the side effects of rose water?
Rose water is a natural ingredient that typically does not cause any side effects. However, when not used correctly or combined with the wrong products, it can lead to skin allergies, irritation, itchiness, burning, or other skin concerns. So, it is good to do a patch test before you start using it regularly as a skin care agent.