5 Metabolic Training That Will Help You with BJJ

Good health and good lifestyle habits are important in every field, be it simply living a happy life or winning in martial arts. People often think that martial artists just need technical training, but it is not true. Technical training alone is not enough. You need to focus not only on the body training but also on the health and technique. Most people think if they can throw a decent punch and their focus is good enough, they are ready for the fight. But once they get in the ring, they realize that just technical training will not benefit them and they will lose badly in the ring. So, they need to focus on the potential of their body and make some lifestyle adjustments as well.

With that said when you start your martial training, you cannot jump straight to the technical training. Instead, you need to start with some basics which will include health improvement and body training that will fall into the general category. Then you should head on to the specific category that is just going to help you adjust your technique.

Most people never start with the general category and directly head on to the extreme technical training. So, they know how to throw the right punch at the right time but within a few minutes of training, they lose motivation. Therefore, to win in the martial arts ring, you also need to focus on Metabolic Training.

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When it comes to metabolic training, you are basically helping your body to get accustomed to the intense training that will boost your strength and stamina. This will also help you to decrease the chance of injury. So, you can get better results in a limited time. People who miss out on the conditioning phase and focus on technical training get tired very easily. With the metabolic conditioning training, you will see a boost in your metabolic activities. You will get to the ideal BMI, lose weight, become much more agile and you will see that your health is improving, and your body is performing every move effortlessly.

So, in our series of self care, today we will discuss how metabolic training helps with BJJ training. And what are some best exercises you can do to improve your BJJ training for better output?

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BJJ Metabolic Training for Improving Health & Getting into Shape

1. Running

Running is a great workout that will help you work on the balance of your footwork. You will see that when you get on the mat, running will help you with the footwork. You will get more control over your foot. So, you can control how close you should get to the opponent.

2. Swimming

Swimming is a great workout where you will not only be able to clean your skin but also maintain your body temperature. The best benefit of BJJ is that it is a full-body workout that offers you intense training to help you build a good power economy. With swimming, you will learn when to give your full energy and when to keep it stored which is very important.

Weight Training
3. Weight Training

Weight training will help you gain mass, so you look better. Apart from this, you will also see improvement in your strength. Another very important benefit of weight training is that when you start your BJJ training, you need to handle your opponent in a better way and control his movement. Also, your grip will get better if you focus on weight training.

4. Cardio

Cardio is very important for metabolism and also for maintaining good shape. This will be the initial stage of your training and without proper training, you will never get into the fighting spirit.

5. Calisthenics

Calisthenics is also known as body weight training where you lift the weight of your own body. The process starts when you try to adjust the weight of your body and focus on the muscle. This will help you enjoy the same effect as any other muscle mass training. You will observe the strength in your muscle and can lift more weight. Also, you will also lose all the extra fat, making sure the focus stays on the muscle strength only.

Bottom Line

To sum up, it all comes down to how you get your body ready. If you never work on the conditioning of your body, your angle of movement will be very restricted. You will also see that people who don’t focus on metabolic training when getting into the ring, face issues that are linked with energy management. Most fighters start with full power but as they start the workout process and start fighting, they lose energy, and by the end of the game, they lose motivation completely.

As a result of this, the opponent starts attacking by the end of the game and wins. To make sure you don’t end up getting drained and feel powerless very easily, you have to keep working on the simple steps of condition training. This will also help you to stay energized throughout and you will find a way to keep your energy stored till the end of the game.

Post Credit: Ann Edwards from Elite Sports